My Epic Farewell Poem


I blogged recently about how I had to decide to leave my job and I tweeted about how I was Googling funny farewell letters.  I found some pretty funny stuff, but definitely nothing appropriate to write before I left.

Instead I wrote the following poem in a parody of “Twas the night before Christmas”.  P.S. I think this is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever written.

Twas the night before my last day at XYZ, when all through the pit
All the XYZian’s were stirring creating a hit.
The build system is hung on the VMs with care,
In hopes that Jarret soon would be there.

The server team were nestled writing their code,
While visions of a platform began to decode.
And Mike out in Vancouver, and I with my cap,
Had just received a deadline that was due in a snap.

When up in the Danger Room I could hear quite the clatter,
I sprang from my office to see what was the matter.
Up to the Danger Room to see what was adrift
But it was just Pascal playing a great riff!

With a little PSD file, all layered and in black and white,
I knew in a moment I was in for a late night.
The master of delegation was on his game,
And I Skyped, emailed, and paged them by name.

Now Brian, now Bill, now Peter, Martin and Robb!
On Pat, on Matt, on Ingrid, Daniel, Dayna, Don and Chris.
To your laptop, to Visual Studio
Code away, code away, code away all!

And then, in a twinkling, I saw Braden get on a chair,
Singing something about putting his arms up in the air.
A bundle of toys that he was about to reveal
All packed up nice – like it was a Happy Meal.

I sprang to my keyboard where I always do strive
And away I coded in HTML5.
But before I take flight,
Good luck to you all, and to all I’ll build you a great web site!

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